Distillery Tours

Tours require booking and run Wednesdays & Fridays at 15:00

If you turn up outside of tour hours or do not book, we will happily serve you in the shop but will not be able to show you around.

Avoid disappointment by phoning or emailing in advance -> +44 (0)1239 851998 | web-contact@damhile.co.uk


As you arrive at the farm, you will enter straight onto our yard, between the main house, the dairy of Caws Teifi Cheese, our cow shed and milking parlour, and of course the distillery. We will then take you around the distillery, showing you all parts of the process from brewing, through to distilling, bottling, labelling and the warehouse where we age the whisky in an array of rare casks.

Once you're here, nothing is too much trouble, all questions will be answered to the best of our abilities and you will be as close to the equipment as the distillers. We even invite you to put your head inside the still so long as we're not distilling at the time! If we are distilling while you're there, then you can taste the alcohol straight from the still.

"John’s stories from his years as an organic farmer as well as his ventures into the world of whisky are what make the tour - he is a fascinating individual that you could easily listen to for hours. He gave us a complete history of how he began as an organic farmer, how he approached Springbank distillery in 1992 for the first organic whisky of the modern era and how he later commissioned a few barrels from Loch Lomond in 2000."

Once you've been through the whole production process, you'll be guided upstairs to our tasting gallery.


Created sustainably from the wood found on the farm (trees fall every year in the typical Welsh winters), our gallery was hand built by a team of locals and help from our neighbours, not a single crane was used to put the many Oak beams into the ceiling.

"The highlight of this tour is the tasting room, located on the top floor of the building, with the top of the still column protruding into the room from below. In the center is a rustic solid wood table with each of the spirits that Da Mhile has produced, from the original 22 year old organic Springbank commission, Loch Lomond Malt and grain releases, through to the gin, seaweed gin and orange liqueur."

The gallery has a viewing platform where you can see the top of our state-of-the art still , so you can look down at the process while we're distilling. 

Our gallery has a great potential for much more than just whisky tasting, we plan to build an optics bar and perhaps tea & coffee facilities and we love to feature local artwork. 


If you're expecting a commercial tour with videos, PowerPoint presentations and a structured format you'll be disappointed. However, if you're looking for a personal touch from the distillers or even the owners, you'll enjoy every minute.

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