Summers here and experimentation is rife at the distillery!

We haven’t posted here in a while, too busy squirreling away experimenting and making some new products (and enjoying the sun now its here!).

Our resident French student, Etienne is currently experimenting with making Absenthe- not an easy task especially getting the Louche effect perfect! He is also currently working on trying to get the correct balance between bitterness, sweetness and aniseed.

The rest of the team have been playing about with Limoncello- we’d say just for staff drinkies but if we get it just right we’ll let you guys know! For our first batch we steeped the lemon rind in alcohol and also distilled with the rest of the lemons, popping it all together with a sugar syrup at the end which left us with a lovely cloudy Limoncello.

Finally, people have been asking us for a while to make a summery gin, so this year we’ve been playing about and are excited to announce that we have a new strawberry gin coming out in the next few weeks- watch this space, it wont be long!