The First Organic Welsh Whisky!

On September 27th, local MP Mark Williams helped us release our first, highly anticipated, organic single grain Welsh whisky. This date actually coincides with our founder John Savage-Onstwedder’s birthday.

John says: 'This very first limited edition is a whisky of the highest quality and bodes well for the future. For the past four years we have been laying down more stocks and we look forward to 2019 when we will be launching our first organic single malt whisky.'

The majority of this historic release has been pre-ordered and online purchases are limited to 2 bottles.

Nose: Peat, spice
Taste: Smoke, sweet vanilla
Finish: Dry at first, evolving towards salty oak drift wood.

Historic Organic Dà Mhìle Malt Whisky

Simultaneously we are releasing our final cask of historic 16 year-old single malt. This is earmarked to become a collector’s favourite. It was commissioned by Dà Mhìle and distilled at Loch Lomond in the year 2000, the new millennium that gives DÀ MHÌLE (Gaelic for TWO THOUSAND) its name. Truly history in a bottle.

Nose: A cornucopia of sweet fruits, molasses and sherry.
(Let breathe for 5 minutes in glass to release full fruitiness).
Taste: Molasses, liquorice. 
Finish: Full in the mouth, followed by warming oak.

In Other News

Our beloved Oak-Aged Gin will be available starting on Monday, October 10th!