Dà Mhìle “Lost & Found”

smsw20years 70.jpg
smsw20years 70.jpg

Dà Mhìle “Lost & Found”


A 20 year-old single cask bottling of our original 1992 Springbank. 

After the bottling of the 'NEWBORN' edition, the bottlers rang us and explained there had been a lot of alcohol lost for some reason. A while later, they rang bank and said they had found an extra 60 litres in the bottom of the barrel! We matured this for another 5 years, and bottled as the 'Lost & Found' limited edition.

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Dà Mhìle Organic “Lost & Found” Springbank, aged 20 years.

57.3%, limited edition of 87 bottles
Tasting notes from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013

Nose: When first launched as a seven-year-old in 2000, the nose displayed some ungainly feints from where they tried to stretch the unique single run as far as they could. Here is proof that time deals with feints in no uncertain manner, and that the casks they filled the historic single malt in was as good as they get: roast Blue Mountain blended with a medium Java sets the tone and even the mountainous liquorice and Demerara appear dwarfed by the coffee.

Taste: Ever sat down in the morning with the most sublime but heavy roast coffee, the finest natural molassed sugars, and beautifully crafted bread baking that morning, freshly toasted and groaning under salted butter...?

Finish: Absolutely goes into overdrive: the sugars are extraordinary and difficult to translate as there is a criss-crossing of so many styles. Yet late barley juice filters through what appears to be hickory and liquorice. The spices kiss rather than strike. This is wonderful... entirely typical of a Springbank hitting its optimum age between 20 and 25 years.

Overall: The sun is a circle; the world is a sphere; the greatest fun in life involves round objects either being kicked or struck by willow. Life, however we look at it, no matter how hard we try to force to be otherwise, is circular, so how fitting that the very last Scotch whisky to arrive (behind deadline time!) for this year’s 2013 Whisky Bible happens to be the very first whisky I ever wrote about as a professional whisky writer, the first ever organic single malt distilled. It was carried out by award winning cheese maker John Savage-Onstwedder, who hired Springbank distillery to carry out his dream, and it arrived as I celebrate my 20 years as the world’s first full time whisky writer. What goes around comes around, and here it is again re-released 20 years on.

94/100 “Superstar whisky that gives us all a reason to live”